a huge thank you

Painting was an escape for me during the Covid19 Lockdown. Two small children a home, a husband  and a family to worry about all meant a huge amount of emotions were happening. 

Love Livvy 2020 could never have taken off without the support of a few key groups of people in my life and this is my way of saying thank you.

Friends near and far

Thank You for requesting commissions so as to keep my sanity going whilst home with the kids!

For sending me little notes of encouragement and for liking sharing and embracing my social media posts. 

nonie and The amotherbrand community

Thank you for being such a huge part of my "how do I do this" journey.

For cheerleading regularly and saying "it's ok".

For showcasing incredibly inspirational Female Founders  who inspired me to stand tall and own this as my very own slice of success!


For believing in my ability to create something for your incredibly hard working team then ordering 60, 1000 piece Ravensburger puzzles with my painting on the front!

My Family

Thank You for not complaining about me doing something for me.
For choosing colours and telling me when a picture doesn't look quite right.
And for ALWAYS celebrating the wins no matter how big or small.