About Love Livvy 2020

"I was painting rainbows with my children during the UK's Coronavirus Lockdown 2020 and from there I couldn't put my paints or paint brushes down" 

Hi, my name is Livvy and I am a Stay at Home Mum/aspiring Artist in Kingston Upon Thames.

I have always enjoyed being creative from painting cards, crafts at play groups to School Christmas Grotto’s you name it I have probably had a vision and when allowed to, will run with it!

During lockdown, like many I had a little more time at home to be less “scheduled” and in effect less busy. Some days I’m not quite sure how this has all happened with two young children but essentially one day we were all sat painting rainbows for the NHS and it just felt lovely.

I love art, particularly art that is personal to the owner. For example we own a huge print called Hulk Elvis by Jeff Koons.  
We came across this artist when we were on Honeymoon in 2012. Every morning we would walk out of our bedroom into the most amazing corridor of art, one item of which was Hulk Elvis by Jeff Koons. We loved it, we still love it. So unusual, so bright and emotional but fun and silly too all at the same time. 

So when we then went on to buy our first home together, there was a huge space just staring at us both, crying out for a massive piece of art. We both knew then only thing we wanted to see each morning on our way out of the house was Hulk Elvis. 

I have two children under 5, with my husband Rob all of whom know their own minds and are a lot of fun.

I listen to Fleetwood Mac on repeat, attempt PopMaster most days even though I never get more than 12 points, and, in another life, I was a Learning and Development Manager in London.

I love the beach and spent most of my childhood on one in either West Sussex, Suffolk or Brittany, it’s where I run when the world get’s too much!

My favourite colours are yellow and blue – could you tell?

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When you draw a picture you should sign your name and the year at the bottom.

This is why I sign things "Love Livvy 2020", this is why my business is called: Love Livvy 2020

Keeping it simple since 1985

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my team

This is me and my team of advice givers, coffee makers and quality control checkers.
Without these three, Love Livvy 2020 may never have been born.

me aka - Livvy

I listen, I research, I sketch, I paint and I draw. 


He checks my paintings perspectives, encourages, provides ongoing tech support and makes a mean G&T on a Friday Night.

The kids

They look, they ask where they are in the paintings, they bring fun, they paint alongside me and on the whole make for a really fun co-working team.