The Process

The creation of these paintings, is personal. If you are looking for something truly unique, a gift no one else has given before, then you have found it.

 The people, the moments, the words, the dates and size. This is all up to you. Take a look at the process below to see how it works. . 

Step 1


You share your ideas and memories with me. The feel you would like for the image, if it is for a special occasion, photos of people, places that are special etc. 

Step 2


I will then combine your ideas with love, care and attention to create a sketch. From here we will work on the finer details, make any amendments you may want, but essentially getting the sketch right is crucial, as is your feedback.

Step 3


I will then bring your image to life using watercolours.  I often use time-lapse to record the paintings coming to life and will share these with you. Clients say this is a very special step and often is when they really get excited.

step 4

Pen Line

My favourite step, adding the pen line. When your images and my vision come together beautifully. 

step 5

Collection or Delivery

You can collect the painting if you are local to Kingston Upon Thames or I can post your painting direct to you, with additional P&P charges. 

step 6


You wrap and give the painting to your loved one OR you hang it up in your home for you to enjoy forever! Either way I love hearing from you to know their thoughts and always appreciate your support on my socials!

time - lapse

I regularly video the creation of your art, using the time-lapse method. Clients say this is an amazing thing to see as the sketch turns to colours and then those colours turn to characters. You can view these on Instagram.